Hi there.



I am a visual designer & illustrator with over 6 years of experience working with clients ranging 

from small startups to large healthcare companies. My work with these clients has included creating cohesive visual designs across multiple platforms, crafting sprawling ad campaigns, and building brand identity through illustration. 

I typically work with a small number of select clients at a time, because I like, and prefer, the intimate collaboration between myself and the client. I am always looking for new projects that challenge and make me bend and stretch in ways I didn't know I could bend or stretch. 

I grew up in Kentucky. One of my favorite memories from home is sitting on the back porch drinking coffee in silence with my granddad. 

Sometimes, 10 years later and across the country, I can still sit quietly and feel my granddad not saying anything.

My Kentucky-ness informs much of my design and illustration approach. I strive to create visual

narrative that is warm and intimate and inviting. And also sometimes jarring. Kentucky is a beautiful and confusing and jarring place. That's the kind of art I want to make. And that's the kind of work I hope to create with clients.